The Janus Sample Directory

In today´s musical world, the concept of samples is increasingly gaining importance. Although the concept of musical quotes is nothing new in music - twoexamples: Richard Wagner quoted passages from his opera Tristan in his Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Anton Webern included a motiv from Johann SebastianBach´s Kunst der Fuge in his Orchesterstücke - only modern recordingtechnology made the "theft" of recorded musical material for re-use in otherworks possible.

The Janus Project is no exception from this practice. So here it is -the official list of sample sources for the Janus Project. Be advised that it is in mostcases highly recommended to check out the sources itself - so have fun with this greatsource of material !

JANUS Song Time Description Song Album Artist
  00:03 alto sax solo Ian Underwood whips it out Uncle Meat Frank Zappa
  00:05 tenor sax solo A Love Supreme - Suite live at Juan Les Pins, 7/26/65 John Coltrane
  08:03 tabla loops What Need have I for this... Shatki with John McLaughlin John McLaughlin
  10:09 synth blast Sex, Sleep, Eat, Drink, Dream B´Boom King Crimson
Loisachtal, Part 1/2          
  01:05 drum loop Hinterm Atem Deiner Worte Zeitfalte Zeitfalte
  01:05 guitar loop Star Cycle There and back Jeff Beck
  01:19 hand clap loop Tangos Jazzpana Vince Mendoza
  01:26 drum fill Hinterm Atem Deiner Worte Zeitfalte Zeitfalte
  01:32 drum filll Star Cycle There and back Jeff Beck
  01:34 percussion loop The old Castle La Cuna Ray Barretto
  01:51 section blast Hands with a Hammer YCDTOSA Vol. 3 Frank Zappa
  01:52 triangle Karn Evil 9 2nd Impression Welcome back my friends... ELP
Loisachtal, Part 5          
  00:00 drum intro Across the Bridge The View Chad Wackerman
  00:11 odd drum loop Palms for Lester Polytown Bozzio/Karn/Torn
  00:34 drum loop Don´t you ever wash that thing ? Roxy & Elsewhere Frank Zappa
  00:56 guitar riff Alligatory Pecadillo Don´t mow your Lawn Ray Anderson
  01:05 drum loop Alligatory Crocodile What Because Ray Anderson
  01:44 drum/percussion loop Dupree´s Paradise YCDTOSA Vol. 2 Frank Zappa
Loisachtal, Part 6          
  00:47 alto sax solo Louie Louie Uncle Meat Frank Zappa